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Bingo Glossary

Starting out in the world of online bingo can be a confusing experience. To help you we have compiled a handy glossary of terms and phrases that are frequently used in bingo both online and offline.

We also have a full list of Bingo FAQs here


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75 Ball: This is the true US style of bingo, just the same as you would find in your local bingo hall. Read our instructions for playing 75 ball bingo here.


90 Ball: This is the UK style of bingo. mainly plays the US style 75 ball bingo but we do have a 90 ball bingo game. Read how to play 90 ball bingo.



ActiveX: This relates to the Shockwave plug-in. This is a free plug-in for your browser, already installed on the majority of computers. Read more about the Shockwave plug-in.


Autodaub: Used to mark off your numbers as they are called (see Dauber). You can select whether you wish to dab the numbers yourself ("manual") or let the computer do it for you ("autodaub"). Read about playing options.


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Balance: The amount of Free Bingo Dollars (FB$) that an individual player has accrued. Read about Free Bingo Dollars


Best Ticket: Simply click on the 'best ticket' button, and the strip that contains your best ticket will be displayed.


Bingo Buddy: A ‘Bingo Buddy’ is the username of the person that referred you to (if you have been referred to When you activate your account you should enter into the Bingo Buddy field the username of the player who referred you. Read about Bingo Buddies.


Browser: The computer program you use to view pages on the internet. Examples include: Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Netscape Navigator, AOL.


Browser Cache: See cache (below)


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Cache: Your browser saves copies of files that it has previously downloaded to save it from downloading them again. This can cause problems when the browser doesn't download the newest version of the file from the server. If you are experiencing problems you should clear your browser cache. This will stop your browser from trying to load up any old compressed images it had already cached.


Caller: The voice that reads out the numbers of the balls as they appear. You can choose whether to have the Caller's voice on or off. Read about playing options.


"Cast Member Not Found": Read the FAQ for this message.


Chat: When the game screen launches you will see a chat box on the right hand side of the screen. You can type a message and it will appear in the chat box for all the rest of the players playing bingo to see.When chatting, players often like to use lingo (see below). Read more about Online Bingo Chat.


Chatrooms: The chat box in a game. See chat (above)


Claim: To claim your win you MUST click on the BINGO!!! button. You will be declared a winner if no-one else has claimed before you. To help ensure that you claim on time, a message will appear on the screen saying ‘You should click bingo now!’


Compressed Graphics: A setting in the AOL browser that may cause AOL users to encounter problems loading the FreeBingo game. Read how to solve the compressed graphics problem.


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Daub: Marking off your numbers. See Dauber (below).


Dauber: Used to mark the called numbers on your ticket as they are called. In land-based bingo games this is an actual pen. In online games this is shown by a blot on the card. See autodaub (above).


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FAQ: An acronym for "Frequently Asked Questions". As the name suggests this is a compilation of the questions we get asked about most often. If you are having a problem the solution is more than likely listed in our Bingo FAQ.


Firewall: Software or Hardware "barrier" that controls what comes in and out through your internet connection. A security measure designed to stop potential hackers gaining access to your computer. Read about Firewall settings.


Free Bingo Dollars (FB$): Free Bingo Dollars (FB$) are our very own currency. You can only use FB$s to buy our bingo cards and to enter our competitions and sweepstakes. All our Bingo jackpots and bonuses are paid in FB$s. Please note: Free Bingo Dollars have no monetary value. Read about Free Bingo Dollars.


Full House: A game of 90 Ball Bingo is played in 3 stages. The final stage of a game is for three lines - the full house. To win this, you need to be the first player to daub every number on any one ticket. Read how to play.


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Hopping: see Room-Hopping (below).


House: Traditionally shouted in UK Land-Based bingo to alert the caller when a player has filled their card. At you must press the "Call Bingo" button. See Fullhouse.


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ISP Internet Service Provider: The company that you connect to the internet through. eg. AOL, BT, Wanadoo.


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Lag: see Latency (below).


Latency: Internet delays (sometimes called "latency" or "lag") may increase the time a game takes to load, interrupt the loading process of a game, or cause to lose its connection to your computer. Read the FAQ: How do I reduce delays in my Internet connection (latency)?


Leaderboard: We publish a leaderboard that lists the ‘Most Free Bingo Dollars’ and ‘Most Games Played’. These two leaderboards display the top ten players in each, in real time.


Line: A game of 90 Ball Bingo is played in 3 stages. At the first stage everyone plays for one line. The game will then continue and players will play for two lines. The final stage of a game is for three lines - the full house. To win this, you need to be the first player to daub every number on any one ticket. Read how to play.


Lingo: When chatting players like to abbreviate their common sentences to save time. We have created a list of common abbreviations in this handy "Chat Dictionary".


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Network Congestion: Can be the cause of connection problems. If you have other programs using your internet bandwidth. See Peer-to-Peer (below). Read the FAQ's about connection problems.


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"Object expected": View the FAQ for this message.


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Peer-to-Peer (P2P): Programs that allow you to share files with other people over the internet. Examples are (LimeWire, Kazaa etc). You may experience connection problems or Network Congestion errors if you are using these programs at the same time as playing our bingo game. Read the FAQ's about connection problems.


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Room-Hopping: Frequently moving from room to room. Room-hopping is frowned upon and considered bad room etiquette. Room-Hopping does not increase your chances of winning in any way, and also disrupts the room and the chat for the other players.


RSS - Really Simple Syndication: RSS news feeds allow you to subscribe for up to the minute news and information from FreeBingo. Subscribe to our RSS bingo news feed through your browser or a dedicated feed reader application. View the FAQ for RSS.


"Runtime Error": View the FAQ for this message.


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Shockwave: This is a free plug-in for your browser. This is already installed on the majority of computers. Read more about the Shockwave plug-in.


Spam: Unsolicited or undesired bulk emails. Automatic but legitimate email is sometimes mistakenly categorized as Spam. Your service provider may mistakenly think that your validation message is Spam and place the message into your Bulk Mail or Spam folder. Read I haven't received my validation email.


Strip: In 90-ball bingo tickets are displayed in groups of six on what is known as a strip. Read how to play 90 ball.


Support Request Ticket: If you cannot find a solution in the FAQ's you can use a form to submit a support request. The form asks you to provide details which will help us solve your problems. View the support request form.


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Temporary Internet Files: See cache (above).


Ticket: 90 Ball bingo is played on a ticket nine boxes wide and three boxes deep. Each ticket contains 15 numbers randomly selected from 1 – 90; three rows of five numbers (15 numbers in total). Read how to play.


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Username: The name you will be known by in the chat rooms.



VCM: Voluntary Chat Monitor. Our VCMs are there to help you, make the rooms buzz with chatter and maybe, if you ask them nicely, play a chat game or two as well.


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