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Shockwave and Active X

I keep getting a message saying I must download ActiveX or Shockwave.

If you see a message prompting you to download the ActiveX Shockwave plug-in you do not have the shockwave player. You must either click the prompt message and choose "Install ActiveX Control" or download Shockwave Player for FREE from here. We recommend installing the FULL version of the player rather than the SLIM version.

When i go to play a game it says "Installing adobe shockwave player" or "Installing compatibility components" yet its not doing anything.

If do not have shockwave when you enter a room Shockwave propmts you to install. A few seconds after the installation starts a new window opens asking you which language you wish to use. Sometimes this window is hidden behind the game screen. Close the game room that you have opened and you will see the new window. You can also see it by clicking it in your toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Once you have chosen your language the installation will continue. You can then re-open your game screen and play as usual.

shockwave loading compatibility components screen

I keep getting a message saying "Click to run activex control on this webpage".

Example of the dialog

Internet Explorer users may see a dialog similar to the one above. You should click OK to enable the Shockwave Active X control.

The dialogue is due to a recent update released by Microsoft. This update changes the way in which Internet Explorer handles Web pages that use Shockwave. You need Shockwave to run our game. You simply have to click OK to enable the Shockwave Active X control.

Where can I get the Shockwave Player?

Download Shockwave Player for FREE from here. We recommend installing the FULL version of the player rather than the SLIM version.

Step-by-step how to install Shockwave

Install shockwave stage 1

Step 1: Click the prompt message and choose "Install ActiveX Control

Install shockwave stage 2

Step 2: A security warning box will appear. This is perfectly normal. Click the install button to continue with the installation.

Install shockwave stage 3

Step 3: Shockwave will start downloading automatically.

Install shockwave stage 4

Step 4: Follow the on screen prompts. You will be asked to select your language and then to choose whether to install the optional Yahoo toolbar. (This is entirely optional you do not need it to play our bingo games). Finally you will be asked to register your copy of Shockwave Player.

Install shockwave stage 5

Step 5: A Shockwave window will inform you when the installation is complete. The live free bingo gamespage will also now display a message that reads "You have the Shockwave Player. You can play Bingo!"

I get an "UNKNOWN PUBLISHER ERROR" when trying to run the game.

When trying to run the game after updating Microsoft Windows XP to Service Pack 2 (SP2) you may see a security warning similar to the following:-

Unknown Publisher Security Warning

Windows XP Service Pack 2 alerts users before running executables, like our game software, that were downloaded from the internet. This is to verify that you are requesting to run a program from a trusted source. You should select the Run button to allow your computer to launch our game software application.

How do I install the Shockwave player in the Opera browser?

  1. Download the Shockwave Player (full installer).
  2. After downloading the Shockwave installer, it is recommended that you close Opera before installing it.
  3. Run the downloaded installer and follow the instructions. If Opera is not listed in the installer, click the "Browse" button and locate your the "Program\Plugins" folder in your Opera installation folder, by default C:\Program Files\Opera\Program\Plugins.
  4. The necessary file, np32dsw.dll, should now be present in the Program\Plugins directory in your Opera installation directory. To verify that it was correctly installed go to Tools > Advanced > Plug-ins in Opera and look for the Shockwave Player there.
  5. You can also check the installation was successful here.

PLEASE NOTE: After downloading the Shockwave installer, it is highly recommended that you close Opera and restart it before trying to access the Live Free Bingo rooms.

I have the Shockwave player but still cannot load the game.

Try clearing your browser cache/temporary internet files. If this doesn't work your Shockwave player may be corrupted. Uninstall the player and install the latest FULL version. Intel based Macintosh users should read the next FAQ.

I have a Macintosh computer and cannot load the game.

If you are on a new Intel based Macintosh you will need to run the browser in Rosetta emulation mode to install and use Shockwave Player.

  1. Quit out of the browser.
  2. Go to your Applications folder and control-click on the browser application bundle.
  3. In the context menu that appears select Get Info.
  4. Under the General heading of the Info dialog select "Open using Rosetta".
  5. Close the Info dialog box.
  6. Re-install the shockwave player.

For more details follow the instructions on the Adobe site on how to launch your browser in Rosetta emulation mode

How do I check which version of the Shockwave Player I've got?

Press Ctrl+V in the game. Your shockwave version number will show in the chat window. If you cannot load the game try viewing the Shockwave test page. Your Shockwave version number will be displayed below the Shockwave Player logo in the test movie. To find out what the current version of the Shockwave Player is, check the Shockwave download page.

How do I uninstall Shockwave?

Adobe provide a free uninstaller program here.

I need more information on Shockwave.

A full list of Shockwave players and uninstallers, can be found here.


Further FAQ's can be found on the Adobe website at


Additional information is also available from Shockwave Player Support Center.



See the full list of FAQs here

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