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Charity Bingo offers an opportunity for charity bingo operators to generate charity revenue, even when players can't get to your bingo hall.

Each night, the winner of our Charity Bingo session in the Giving is Living room nominates a Bingo Hall to receive our charity donation. The more players we have playing, the greater the donation. Winners of each session also receive an entry into our monthly Big Prize Game, where they'll play for an Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet.

The most amazing thing is it's completely free. Free for players and free for charities to participate.

Our Charity Bingo session takes place every night from 8pm to 9pm EDT in the Giving is Living room. Please come and join us.

How do you get involved?

It's simple – Contact your bingo hall patrons and encourage them to play in our nightly Charity Bingo sessions when they're not playing in your bingo hall. The more patrons you have playing in our sessions, the greater the chance that one of them will win and nominate your hall as the recipient of the donation.

How does it work?

Our charity donations work on a sliding scale, based on the number of patrons playing in our Charity Bingo sessions. See the table below.

Number of Players Donation Amount
1 – 50 $10
51 – 100 $20
101 – 200 $30
201 – 300 $40
301 – 400 $50
401 – 500 $60
501 or more $70

We'll publish the winners of our daily sessions on the website and the charity they've nominated to receive the donation.

Donations are totalled and distributed at the end of each calendar month, so if you have a number of your patrons playing daily, there's a chance you'll pick up numerous wins throughout the month and a substantial donation at month's end.


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