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Leaderboards Back Online

The leaderboard is a very important part of the FreeBingo experience, as it allows players to compete with each other to see who is winning the most that month.

Earlier in the year we changed our monthly leaderboard and introduced a daily leaderboard and an all-time (millionaire's) leaderboard.

At first the new leaderboards were a hit, but after a few months the all-time leaderboard proved to be a bit of a problem due to the difficultly of getting onto it, particularly for new players. It also had a target to reach of FB£1 Million, which would take even the most addicted player the best part of a year to reach.

The recent server problems forced us to take down the leaderboards temporarily, but it also provided us with a great opportunity to review our entire leaderboard strategy. We surveyed the 100 players who featured on the millionaire's board, asking for their thoughts and opinions on how it felt to be on the leaderboard and to suggest any changes. The feedback we received has led to us deciding not to bring back this leaderboard in it's current form.

We still want to have an all-time leaderboard for our elite players to compete against each other, but we're going to have a bit of a re-think about how it works. In the meantime, this leaderboard will not be making a re-appearance just yet.

We have also decided to remove the loserboard, which was a bit of fun at first, but has lost it's charm of late. Again, we will be having a re-think on this one and hopefully will bring something similar back in the future, only more fun and rewarding for being a “loser”. LOL

So the leaderboards back online are the daily leaderboard and the monthly leaderboard. If you visit the daily leaderboard page you will see that it shows yesterday's top players (not the day you visit). We decided this way was much simpler to understand than the previous incarnation.

I guess I should just stop waffling on and get to my point. Here are the two leaderboards now back and fully operational. Enjoy:




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  1. bettys_firstborn says:

    not very clear, does this mean we having resets back, hope so !

  2. CM Wayne says:

    Hi bettys,

    At the moment it just means we’re still thinking about how to improve the all-time leaderboard. We have no plans to re-introduce a monthly reset.

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