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Once you've completed your registration, you're free to play our bingo games straight away, but you will only have FB$100 (Free Bingo Dollars).

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If you do not confirm your email address you can still play, but you may run out of points and you also won't be eligible to win any of our prizes until you do.

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Step 3: Playing the games

You can technically start playing after step 1, but it's always better to confirm your email address so that you get more FB$ and become eligible to win prizes.

Once you've completed your profile you can view all our great bingo rooms.

Is It Really Free? What's The Catch?

Yes, all our games are 100% free.

The games are played for points, not cash, but you can still win lots of great prizes in our various competitions, tournaments and prize draws.

LiveFreeBingo aims to breathe some fresh life into Bingo and enable bingo players to experience the thrill of bingo even when they can't get to their local bingo hall. We want to help bingo halls reach a larger online audience and get more people playing bingo than ever before.

We hope that at some stage in the near future, bingo halls will be able to take advantage of the technology that is available and open their doors to online players, delivering more opportunities to play the game we love and support the charities that rely so heavily on bingo to keep them operating.

Technical Requirements

For the best free bingo experience we recommend you access the site via a PC, laptop or tablet, using a fast broadband connection.

Our games are compatible with smart phones, however the true enjoyment of online bingo comes from watching your cards (and daubing if you choose) while chatting with fellow players from all across the country.

Bingo is intended to be a social experience and while our online bingo rooms are not the same as attending your local bingo hall, we're sure you'll find them just as friendly and welcoming.


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